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How do I have to go dressed?

It is better to wear comfortable clothes and slippers. Heels and black soles damage sailboats. In summer we recommend that you take your swimsuit, a towel and clothes to change; In winter, however, a waterproof jacket will give you a good result. It is always important the cream and sunglasses. And if you are going to spend one or several nights, keep in mind that even it is summer it cools and there is humidity.

I am a person prone to getting dizzy, what can I do?

Try to be active and not think you're going to get dizzy. You can also take an anti-dizziness pill.

I have children and they don't know how to swim.

Do not worry, in all boats we have life jackets for children and adults. Anyway, it is better that you tell us in advance to have it planned.

If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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